Discussion of new ideas and proposals is carried out on the forum. There is also a Grape-verified channel for vMETA holders on the Discord server.
All voting is carried through the on-chain governance using vMETA.
Investment proposals are proposals involving a deployment of the assets of the DAO. A quorum of 10% of circulating supply is required and once quorum is achieved, such proposal will be either accepted or refused by a simple majority of voters. Submitting a proposal requires at least 10,000 vMETA and voting is carried out during a 24h period.
Constitutional proposals are those proposals that involve major changes in how the DAO operates, including proposals to wind down the DAO and dispose of all the assets and distribute all the funds. This requires a supermajority of 51% of the circulating supply of vMETA, with with voting carried over 7 days. Starting such proposal requires at least 500,000 vMETA.
The core team will hold veto powers and reserves the right to reject proposals such as (but not limited to): any proposal which may lead to illicit dealings, any proposal which has been evidently submitted in bad faith and/or as a result of/with the purpose to engage in market manipulation.
All parameters (quorum, rewards, etc.) are up for discussion and can be updated by the DAO.